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A drupal module to that implements a swish-e search index for the mailarchive drupal project. In other words: swishmail is a web interface for searching through email.

The module in pre-release state. It started as patch to the mailarchive module on Nov/11/2007 - At that time I was not aware that Jeremy - the author of the mailarchive module - has been working on a sphinxsearch version. So instead of releasing it as a patch I've revamped my code as module that depends on the mailarchive module.

It works pretty well, yet still has the rough edges of quick pragmatic development.


  • prerequisites: Drupal search and mailarchive modules
  • download swishmail and unpack it into the drupal modules folder.

After enabling the module you'll find a “Mailarchive Serach Settings” in the System configuration menu (enable indexing there) and a “Mail Archive” tab will appear on Drupal's search page.

Searching won't work until there's a swish-e index file. The swish-e index is (re-)built automatically (via cron - see your admin/logs/status page) when it's nonexistent or older than the latest message in the mailarchive.


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