FOMS 2009

foms3.jpg This years FOMS (Foundations of Open Media Software) Workshop took place in Hobart, Tasmania and has not only been fun but also a great success!

The focus was on video & film, development of multimedia and collaborative video editing software such a metavid, and videobin as well as free video codecs: dirac and ogg.

foms2.jpg Quite a few of the short-term Community Goals have been tackled, not only resulting in interesting discussion on ffmpeg-devel, but also yielding funding for open media now to publicly document codecs and prior art as an anti-patent strategy. started to index FLOSS authoring tools as a first step to indicate gaps for a professional workflow and and and..

FOMS was a very busy two days, extending into a multimedia mini-conf at LCA and quite a few days of hacking thereafter, not to mention the T42 bar evening excursions.

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