Berlin is slow, very slow but steady… I had two great weeks of creative holiday, visiting friends & collaborative coders; been hanging out online in the Görlitzer park and read «Robinson Crusoe» during never-ending subway trips.

Most of the Prenzlauer Berg has been taken over by pay-wifi providers, not to mention the tourist commerce. Yet I found the Schleussenkrug in the Tiergarten to be a very comfy place for breakfast and reading email in the sun. Since I was mostly offline during my stay I've postponed the dokwiki pubsub and linux_sound_tags projects.

However I've updated liboauth which bumped into 0.3.3 and I'm making progress on the ardour image compositor software - currently patching ardour adding a video-route instead of re-using route-ui. I'm beginning to loosing track of all the projects but I've also added a jack-audio port to freeJ that I'm gonna link to the A/V decoder back-end during the next weeks.

Besides, the whole field-trip exercise was to gain energy for the Hacker Camp at the picnic-conference starting this Friday. Even though it may not sound very relaxing, it worked out very well. Breaking a few habits does magic from time to time as does Berlin.

I had an unforgettable weekend trip to Rostock - my first time at the ost-see, and I've re-visited the Beelitz Heilstädten where we shot marzipan movie three years ago. The place is still stunning: roof-top forests, gymnasium ruins and never ending tunnels. Arjan has taken a few pictures of me there featuring my new Berlin short-hair cut.

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