Campcaster 4 Debian & Ubunutu

Packaging Campcaster for Debian & Ubuntu..

Due to rapid development and last minute fixes for the Lucid feature freeze the patches above are not up-to date.
see the campcaster-debian git repository for the source. Download automatic builds or advocate for it at revu.ubuntu.

Build Instructions

cd /tmp
tar xvzf campcaster_1.4.0.orig.tar.gz
cd campcaster-1.4.0
patch -p1 < ../campcaster_1-package.diff
patch -p1 < ../campcaster_2-fixes.diff
patch -p1 < ../campcaster_3-debianonly.diff
#debuild  # option 1
dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot  # option 2 
#pdebuild # option 3 :)
cd ..
dpkg -i campcaster-libs_1.4.0-1_i386.deb \
        campcaster-station_1.4.0-1_i386.deb \
apt-get install -f # install missing dependencies 
ls -ld campcaster_*
dput ... campcaster_1.4.0-1_i386.changes

Note, before dputting the package check the target in the changelog. currently it points to Lucid.


remaining Lintian Warnings/Errors:

E: campcaster-station: possible-gpl-code-linked-with-openssl
W: campcaster-station: embedded-php-library usr/share/campcaster/www/htmlUI/var/Smarty/libs/Smarty.class.php
W: campcaster-station: embedded-php-library usr/share/campcaster/www/htmlUI/var/Smarty/libs/Smarty_Compiler.class.php
E: campcaster-libs: possible-gpl-code-linked-with-openssl
E: campcaster-studio: possible-gpl-code-linked-with-openssl
W: campcaster-studio: extra-license-file usr/share/campcaster/www/testAudio.ogg.license


Overview of changes in campcaster_2-fixes.diff:

  • bin/
    • removed unused paths and hardcoded some new debian paths
    • disabled installation of pg_hba.conf (not needed w/ pgsql-8.4 on debian and ubuntu)
    • added a function to create links for folders which are writable by the apache-user and moved those folders out of the read-only tree: /usr/share/campcaster vs. /var/lib/campcaster - /var is retained during updates of the package and only deleted when purging the installation.
    • commented out symlink in /var/www/campcaster → implemented with Alias in apache config.
  • etc/
    • replaced some ${prefix} to allow installation in a tmp folder.
  • etc/apache/90_php_campcaster.conf
    • added apache Alias and Directory → FollowSymlinks
  • src/modules/archiveServer/etc/ & src/modules/archiveServer/var/conf.php.template , src/modules/htmlUI/etc/ & src/modules/htmlUI/var/ui_conf.php.template , src/modules/storageAdmin/etc/ , src/modules/storageServer/etc/ & src/modules/storageServer/var/conf.php.template , src/products/gLiveSupport/etc/ , src/products/scheduler/bin/ , src/products/scheduler/etc/ & src/products/scheduler/etc/campcaster-scheduler.xml.template ,
    • provide for separate storage (r/w) & shared data (r/o) folders
    • move config to /etc/
  • src/modules/storageAdmin/bin/campcaster-backup
    • changes default tmp path from `dirname $0`/.. (/opt/cc/bin → /opt/cc/tmp ; /usr/bin/ → /usr/tmp) to /tmp/
  • src/modules/storageAdmin/bin/
    • changed relative path to PHP dir to absolute path
  • src/modules/storageServer/bin/ , src/products/scheduler/bin/
    • removed unused paths
    • deleted ENCODING 'utf-8'; from database creation options.
  • src/products/gLiveSupport/bin/ , src/products/scheduler/bin/
    • moved PID file to /var/run
    • added LD_LIBRARY_PATH to custom libs
  • src/products/gLiveSupport/var/icon32.xpm
    • added for desktop/menu entry

Test Sounds

W: campcaster-studio: extra-license-file usr/share/campcaster/www/testAudio.ogg.license
Debian doesn't like them:,

Here are some public-domain sounds:



dang dang dang :) :

Campcaster rocks:

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