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Happy new 1984 2009! Neujahr what a great day to update the blog.

I spent the quiet days unwrapping the web-interface of the sodankyla film server; adding an audio-decoder and streaming capability. Quite a cool gift for media archivers. It's the last piece of infrastructure before work on the compositor and session management can begin. I've attached a few screenshots of the bare-bone interface: seeking to frames and streaming/exporting an excerpt.

The PHP front reports few new dokuwiki plugins; that require documentation and announce emails. I'm about to put it all together by concluding updates to the web-style over the next week.

  • tagentry - provides checkboxes to assign tags to a DokuWiki page.
  • tbt - renders time based text.
  • dokuladspa - visualize LADSPA plugins and demonstrate effect presets on a wiki page.
  • metabox is being rewriten and the tagmatrix plugin is having a comeback..

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