Time Based Text

Introduction and Example

A DokuWiki plugin to render time based text on a wiki page.


Usage Information

The tbt plugin has been released on the DokuWiki website.

download tbt plugin (link to v0.2.2) - install w/ DokuWiki's plugin manager (shift-reload your site to flush cached javascript after the installation).

Playback with DokuWiki


TBT Format: time-base-text is saved as JSON encoded array of [ ASCII-char, milli-seconds ] array pairs. The DokuWiki plugin responds to

{{tbt> }}


Recording Text

tbt@dyne and dynebolic includes tools to record, replay and convert time-based-text data files in various programming languages.

Here's some XHTML/Javascript to author time-based-text from a website. You can test and use it at http://robin.linuxaudio.org/tbt-generator3.html

Comments and Notes

There's ongoing discussion to rewrite the javascript - which is currently git.dyne.orgs version; also adding timing (optional speedup and fixed-time regions) and styling (inline color, italic, bold,..) and scrolling features.

DokuWiki tbt-plugin ToDo:

  • add style.css.
  • Allow to select
    • monospace (demo mode) or
    • serif ((story mode) fonts
  • provide for options
    • to hide/display the restart/pause buttons
    • caption
    • alignment.
    • custom speed/time scaling.
  • improve code to generate unique ID's when using multiple tbt div's.
  • integrate tbt-generator - similar to mediamanager.
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