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Robin Gareus
CiTu, Université Paris


  • Introduction to Ardour
  • JACK-Transport & video-sync
  • News in A3
  • Video-timeline & Monitor
  • A3 video-integration & icsd
  • Video file import & A/V export
  • Advanced settings
  • Demonstration & examples



Digital Audio Workstation

  • record
  • edit
  • mix / master
  • collaborate

Ardour is available for OS X, Linux, (Win32 planned) and there are also commercial spinoffs:

  • Mixbus® : Ardour + Harrison
  • SAE customized version

Ardour Screenshot 1/3

Ardour Screenshot 2/3

Ardour Screenshot 3/3

Some of Ardour's Features

  • Unlimited audio tracks and buses
  • Non-destructive, non-linear editing with unlimited undo
  • Anything-to-anywhere signal routing
  • Unlimited pre- and post-fader plugins
  • MIDI CC control with 1 click
  • MIDI Timecode (MTC) Master or Slave
  • Released under the GPL
  • Open XML session file format
  • No copy-protection

JACK Transport 1/3

Q: What is JACK-Transport?

A: JACK-Transport provides a mechanism for starting, stopping and repositioning a set of clients.

IOW. Inter-Application synchronization.

IYOW: The Play/Pause/Skip Buttons in QJackCTL. :)

JACK Transport 2/3

JACK Transport 3/3

JACK-transport provides:

  • sample-level accuracy
  • SMPTE timecode
  • Timebase Master: count bar, beats, frames, etc.

But it does not support:

  • variable speed
  • reverse play
  • looping

Netjack supports JACK-transport and can be used to sync remote machines over a network.

JACK-transport & A/V sync

Jack-transport SMPTE can be used to sync video. xjadeo_ardour2_mtc.jpg

  • xjadeo
  • blender
  • open-movie-editor
  • lives

some Ardour3 News

Note: Ardour3 is not yet released!

  • MIDI Tracks & JACK MIDI
  • new Export Dialog (multichannel, presets)
  • overhauled Mixer (new panning, solo/mute, plugin GUI)
  • Route groups
  • video integration (3.1 ?)

Ardour3 VTL

VTL: Easily accessible video-track and video-monitor.

Ardour3 VTL Features 1/2

  • video import
    • save file with session, optionally: extract & import audio from video, scale or transcode video.
  • frame-accurate video-timeline
    • display continuous timeline of video-frames according to current zoom-level
    • read-only: no video editing
    • currently: one video-track only
    • customizable timeline-height
  • video-monitor window
    • full-screen or windowed mode, letterbox, timecode OSD

Ardour3 VTL Features 2/2

  • video-export dialog
    • allow to master movies directly muxing A/V from ardour.
  • session-management
    • remember monitor window settings, retain timeline preferences, etc.
  • verified video-frame accuracy
    • tested with 23.976, 24, 24.976, 25, 29.97df, 30, 59.94 and 60 fps video-files.

Ardour3 VTL Implementation

  • execute xjadeo
    • external video monitor window
    • remote controlled settings (seek, win size/pos,..)
  • connect to icsd
    • request video-frames for timeline
    • request video-file info (fps, duration, geometry, etc)
  • invoke ffmpeg/ffprobe
    • import/export transcoding & muxing

Ardour3 VTL Build & Installation

Instructions are currently at (will move to

icsd, xjadeo and ffmpeg binaries are available for OSX, GNU/Linux (and Win32).

Ardour3 is not yet officially available as binary (it will be once it's in beta).

Ardour3 VTL Usage Information

All functions are available from the menu:

  • Menu→Session→Open Video
  • Menu→Session→Export→Video
  • Menu→View→Rulers→Video (or right-click the ruler/marker bar → Video)
  • Menu→View→Video Monitor (xjadeo)
  • Menu→Edit→Preferences→Video
  • Menu→Session→Properties→Sync
  • Menu→Session→Video maintenance→ … (manual video server interaction)

Ardour3 VTL Advanced Settings

  • remote icsd, docroot: Menu→Edit→Preferences→Video
  • Video-monitor restore settings: enable in Menu→Edit→Preferences→Video
  • Pull-up/down, FPS: Menu→Session→Properties



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