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 ====== Robin's Latest Site ====== ====== Robin's Latest Site ======
 +{{ :www/rgrma_b.jpg?800 }}
 +Robin's expertise is in audio/video post-production and related hardware/software research and development.
-I'm still struggling to get this site up to scratchCheck out the interactive [[http://gareus.org|front-page]], stay tuned and sing along: +Currently Robin mainly works as contractor for [[http://harrisonconsoles.com|Harrison]], Manufacturer of the World's Finest Consoles, acts as core-developer for [[http://ardour.org|Ardour]] and develops a line of professional [[http://x42-plugins.com/x42/|Audio Plugins]].
-<box 550px> +
-<abc> +
-X:010solittletime +
-T:too much too little +
-K:C +
-W: so much to do and so lit-tle time +
-|:CC2CC2zC|CC2CC2z2:| +
-<del> </del>  +\\ 
 +====== roB.log ====== 
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