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The X11 Jack Video monitor.


xjadeo and ardour at NAB

xjadeo is a program that displays a video clip in sync with an external time source, which comes quite handy fi. when you want to create a soundtrack for a movie.

It has applications in soundtrack composition, video monitoring or any task that requires to associate movie frames with audio events.

xjadeo supports different video file formats, display libraries and sync sources. It includes an optional GUI qjadeo that provides file-history and allows to modify settings of a running xjadeo instance. xjadeo is being developed on the GNU/Linux operating system, but not limited to it.

GUI - qjadeo

qjadeo is a graphical user interface to xjadeo. rather than wrap xjadeo it communicates with xjadeo 1). For good measure qjadeo adds a simple dialog to import videos (transcode via mencoder) and offers a simple interface for day to day studio use.


more later, for now just kudos to Luis Garrido and Paul Davis.

1) qjadeo can either send/receive OSC/UDP, use stdin/out or (locally) exchanges messages via POSIX realtime queues with xjadeo
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