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pronounce: M-peb. - Music P* E* Browser for large collections.


mp3b - (currently mp3b2) is a standalone graphical database to access media-files.

Files are organized in a 3 level tree structure: / Artist / Album / Song.


  • builds database on file-system information only - fast
  • no id3-tags - but sync with external app (eg. xmms2 media lib, sqlite-db)
  • Find/Search/Jump-to files.
  • drag/drop
  • xmms2 integration (optional)
    • auto-queue random song (at end of playlist)
    • jump to currently played song
    • xmms2-drop box (dropped URLs (files or playlists) are appended to xmms2 playlist)
  • filter files on statistics (until. mp3b-0.5.6, xmms1)


git clone git:// mp3b  
cd mp3b
sudo make install


  • mp3b - sourceforge project page of mp3b (CVS only)
  • mp3b2 has a loooong history of 80/20 software predecessors: mp3browser (1998), xmms-aPEd(2002), mp3b(2005).
  • gx2ctl - gnome xmms2 control GUI
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