Ardour 3.2

Ardour 3.2 has been released featuring the videotimeline and a lot of other things that I've been working on on the past years, months and weeks!

I count myself lucky that after all that work, I don't need to write the announcement by myself. Let the buzz begin.


Many thanks to everyone who contributed, provided feedback and support. In particular Chris Goddard, Thomas Vecchione and Paul Davis. Not to mention the projects on who made this possible in the first place – most notably ffmpeg.

The source-code is available out there and if you don't want to get the official ready-to-run application, various multimedia GNU/Linux distributions have already picked it up.

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setBfree - 3D openGL LV2 audio plugin

I've started to tackle a major todo item on the setBfree issue-tracker: the Organ needs a GUI :)

Well, strictly speaking it does not. All controls are available as MIDI-CCs, so when playing it using a midi-keyboard, a GUI is uncalled for. The GUI is completely optional. But setting up those MIDI-CC maps and midi-program-presets in the first place can be quite an advanced talk for musicians who are not comfortable with editing text config files. Also using when using the organ synthesizer as plugin in a sequencer MIDI-CCs are unwieldy for visualizing drawbar settings. Last but not least the GUI is bi-directional: the GUI is updated if the synth receives MIDI messages and can be used to quicky check the state (e.g. when loading midi-programs/presets) and changing values in the GUI sends corresponding midi feeback to the connected device.

A major factor in the GUI design decision was that GUI should run cross-platform and can be used in LV2 plugin hosts without causing ABI conflicts. The toolkit should also be reasonably lightweight. This basically ruled out gtk+, QT, FLTK and NTK :( Luckily there's OpenGL!

So if GL, why not 3D too?! In the context of an audio-plugin it's one of the most superfluous uses of 3D, ever, but WTH!

setBfree running as LV2-plugin in ardour – of course you can pan, zoom and tilt the 3D view :)

The 3D model was made with blender and the textures with gimp, the files are available with the source-code at github. The folder also contains a readme file with basic information.

Now, I'm not much of a 3D artist, hence Alexandre Prokoudine from has issued an open call.

For inspiration, here are some pictures that google found searching for Hammond B3.

Work on the GUI is still ongoing. It is already functional but work on many of the planned features - like interactive midi-maps, presets, etc - has only just begun.

Embedding Data in Applications

Have you ever wanted to include raw data - such as images - in an executable application file?
An application that can be compiled for any platform including Windows, Linux and OSX?
– Well, while I was working on harvid, I did.

It turned out to be quite easy - once you know how :) gnu/ld rocks, but as usual there are some issues – in particular on OSX.

Check out the complete embedding resources in executables story.

Reverse engineering the Digidesign 003R protocol

First heads up in 2013: I got nerd-sniped shortly after x-mas and reverse-engineered the Digi 003 Firewire protocol with Damien Zammit. The details are a long story, but linux-support for it is underway:

The rebased driver code is at and the broken-out digi003 driver is available from

CAC 3 - postdigital

The submission deadline for the 3rd Computer Art Congress - PostDigital Art - has been extended until June, 18.

CAC.3 invites artists, intellectuals, engineers and scientists to share and discuss their imaginations, creations, inventions and visions of the post digital art. The Call for Papers and Artworks can be found here.

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German influence on the French Election

Taking a leaf out of Merkel's book, another German is trying to influence the French elections..

Last week I received a phone call by my collaborating artist and previous supervisor Maurice_Benayoun that there is interest to show a customized version of our project Emotion-Forecast during the final stages of the presidential election campaign for François_Hollande.

My first reply was: “I'm not interested in political statements. Yet the project is free-software, everyone can use and customize it for their needs.”

As citizen of the European-Internet, I am not allowed to vote in France - so here's my change to take some influence nonetheless. While I can't say that I'd vote for Mr. Hollande, I am certain that I don't want to continue living in a country ruled by Sarkozy. Decision-making by exclusion, fine.

So I spent a few hours hacking - which is fun anyway - and a few hours carefully translating English into French.. et voila. La prévisualisation est disponible en ligne.

I'm still undecided what I'd actually vote on next Sunday. Pretty much both options seem like dead-ends to me. Still, I'm happy that people's emotional-concerns are included in an election campaign, which otherwise is pretty much focused on the economic situation: jobs, taxes, dept-crisis,.. sprinkled of immigration and security concerns.

Even though this “emotional weather forecast” will likely be presented out of context of our initial intention, I very much welcome the opportunity that it may inspire some people at least.

Update: it is going to be presented on Sunday, May/6 at Place de la Bastille.

Update: article in huffingtonpost about the project[ion].

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